Each instrument comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original owner (for as long as you own the banjo and for as long as we are in the banjo making business. This is our verbal/written hand shake). We stand behind our work, so if one of our banjos splits, cracks or comes apart on its own (with no help from the customer) we will make it right.  We will repair or replace the instrument at our discretion with a model or part from our current line.

We don’t warranty strings, finish wear, mechanical wear (i.e. tuners), damaged heads, misuse from drops, improper handling, improper exposure to weather/temperature extremes or improper humidification.

The authorized dealer from whom you purchased your instrument should have an in-house set-up/repair department to handle minor set-up needs due to environmental changes and such.  Your authorized dealer should be your first stop for warranty needs.

If there is a problem covered under warranty, please contact your authorized dealer.  They will arrange a return authorization.  The instrument should be properly packaged, insured and postage paid.  We will repair or replace issues covered under the warranty and arrange return shipment to the authorized dealer.