Newfoundland Dog as Christmas Blessing

Chuck and his new best friend, Dakota! Bred by Brenda of Brenrich Newfoundlands. Brenda has a new web site although she in not new to the Newfy world at large.

His original owner has terminal health problems and she could no longer keep him. Dakota was ferried to Texas from Florida by Sharon Rompot of Sangar Newfouldlands. Sharon is part of the Florida Newfy Rescue efforts.

This sad event turns into a Blessing for Chuck. You see, Dakota, or Kota Bear, makes Chuck smile. How many pictures have you seen of Chuck smiling? He really is smiling. No, he really is, look closely.

Brenda calls him Chuck’s “velcro” dog–I just say they’re attached at the hip. Dakota is a gentleman and the ultimate companion.

Kota Bear’s already the size of a small pony–just wait til that coat grows out–(it had to be clipped due to snarls in the hair as he spent the better part of this year outside and short on care).

Dakota loves to be in the banjo shop and is adjusting to the noise of the machinery. And we get a little extra exercise stepping over him.