Livin’ a Dream & Makin’ the world a better place, one Chuck Lee banjo at a time.

I recently traveled to Ovilla, Texas to pick up my Chuck Lee banjo, which was the culmination of a 45 year love affair with the 5 string banjo that began the first time I heard Earl Scruggs playing “Cumberland Gap”. A store bought banjo served me well through college and Dental school as I enjoyed my efforts to sound like Scruggs and look like John Stewart. Then there was the 40 year gap of raising four kids and fixin’ teeth, during which time I promised myself that one day I would treat myself to a “real” musical instrument . That day came by surprise in a magazine article about Chuck and his wonderful banjos. The deal was sealed for me when I learned that Bela Fleck chose Chuck to make a banjo for him. Dealing with Chuck has been a wonderful build up to finally getting the banjo in my hands, and to begin to play again. The process of selecting the woods and various components was a personalization process that led to an incredible product of “old world” craftsmanship that will undoubtedly be a family heirloom. Chuck is living the dream of enjoying his passion, and sharing the fruits of his amazing skill with others. Having a “Chuck Lee Banjo” is a source of tremendous pride for me.
Dr. C. D. “Mac” Taylor
Friendswood, Texas