Linda Frank and Wes Canter

Meet the Bumpass One Boot Connection, of Bumpass Virginia. They’re an awesome, dynamic mother/son duo and lots of fun! They both play Chuck Lee banjos…..An Ovilla and a Rose Hill.

These glowing words from Linda helped us walk a little taller:

” Chuck, I am still just stunned with the craftsmanship and sound of my Ovilla. Every detail is fashioned with such care and precision. It’s an absolute joy to look at this instrument as well as to play it. Since the first time I picked it up, I’ve been so happy with it. There’s no match for the deep resonant tones and the crisp clear highs of your banjos. I was concerned that being a “woody”, it wouldn’t deliver the volume and clarity needed to shine through when playing with other instruments, but what a surprise! It rings and cracks through any jam without being brassy or boomy. The longer I have it, the more I keep coming back to my Ovilla as my primary player. The sound of this banjo is as intresting and complex as any excellent handcrafted instrument.

As you know, I bought the Ovilla used, and when I discovered that there were some set-up issues with it, I wondered who to take it to who could give it the care that its maker had. That’s when I learned that you’re not only a top of the line banjo maker but also a gentleman of the highest order. You offered to have a look at it. You gave it the attention that it needed, and it’s perfect now. It may sound old-fashioned, but I appreciate your way of doing business more than you can imagine. I really enjoyed chatting with you during the process and getting to know a little about your family as well. You clearly care about every single instrument that leaves your shop and I have this wonderful sense of connectedness to the craftsman who made the instrument that my music pours through. That matters, Chuck, and I’m grateful. I’m so proud to tell people about this instrument and about you.

My son Wes couldn’t stop “borrowing” my Ovilla, so I bought one of your Rose Hill banjos for him. He’s a no-frills guy and a powerful musician who wanted the Chuck Lee quality and sound without the inlay. He continues to be thrilled with his Rose Hill.

I wondered whether the two banjos would sound about the same. The specs aren’t so different on the two. I have to say that each has its own voice, and that they are each unique. What is so exciting to Wes and me is that when we play together the rich, warm, bright voices of these two instruments are so beautiful together, yet quite distinct.”

Listen to Linda and Wes play here