Banjo Maker at Work

Chuck spent a lot of yesterday fretting. (no, not worrying…putting in the frets!) We are working on a group of banjos which will hit their boxes for shipping very soon! We’ve spent a lot of time, months really, working with these pieces of wood from block to completed banjo. It’s a great reward to see them finished and ready for new homes. After so many hours of care taken, it’s a pleasure to have them completed, yet I sometimes feel reluctant to part with them. Chuck is generally ready to them to get into the players’ hands. For Chuck, it’s the joy of the player and the beauty of the music that keeps him making banjos.

This group we’re building has two new model prototypes –the Cottonwood 11″, with Dobson tone ring, and the first Tenor, a Chautauqua 11″, with a Silver Bell tone ring (it is so petite and cute!). Watch this space and our website for pictures to come.