One beautiful banjo touched so many!

Hi Chuck and Tamara,
I said in my Facebook message to you, I am truly enjoying my banjo and
Steve and I are finding some healing through the gift of music.  (See additional story)
We wanted to touch base and let you know how one beautiful banjo touched so many!
It seems that my banjo dreams awakened musical dreams within our
family. Steve started playing and composing beautiful pieces on his
electric and acoustic guitars, my sister Shannon is composing and
started playing the guitar, in fact she bought an electric and has an
acoustic on order. Our brother in law, Dwight, is starting to play his
acoustic guitar, a long forgotten enjoyment, and my Dad actually
decided to learn to play the piano. He has had two lessons and is thoroughly enjoying himself. At almost 79 he is learning to play his
first instrument.Once a week Shannon and Dwight come over, we visit and then we all
play our instruments together. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Chuck and Tamara, you are good people who probably never realize the
impact you have on others. From the bottom of my heart, I say thank
you. We’ve had a tougher road than we ever thought we’d travel, but God
sends angels along the way to help smooth out the potholes.

You two are heaven sent. I think of you every day when I pick up my beautiful banjo and play.

Steve and I will be forever grateful that God sent you two our way.

We wanted to share a picture of a photo collage Steve and I put up in
our music room. As you can see, Chuck has a place of honor with the rest
of our family. On the top row left, is Steve with his electric guitar,
next is Kendra with her guitar, and then me playing my banjo. The middle
row is our son Cody with his guitar, Kendra taking piano lessons from
me while I did her hair, and Kendra and Cody having fun; the bottom row
is my sister Shannon with her electric guitar, our friend and banjo
maker Chuck Lee, and our brother-in-law Dwight playing his acoustic. I
don’t have one of Dad playing his keyboard yet but I’ll get one, one of
these days.

The second picture is our music room right before we
started to practice. We all play different styles of music, but once a
week we get together a just play anything and everything. We are
practicing Christmas tunes as well. It’s all good. ☺

We hope all is well with you and pray that God sends you as much goodness and light as you have given.Cheryl and Steve