European Customer says it all!

I live in Switzerland, and my brother delivered my new Marble Falls banjo to me recently- and I just cannot put it down.

It looks really beautiful, but not too flashy/decorated. The Irish knot looks great in the sunlight, almost 3-dimensional, and the maple wood is wonderful. It even smells fine 🙂

Now that I’ve played it, I know what they mean when they say that you build the best banjos; There is some magic in the sound. This banjo fits me perfectly and it lets me actually play better 🙂 And, I think that as my banjo playing gets better, I will discover even more of the strengths of this beautiful instrument.

Thank you for building such a fine banjo for me. I am much more than satisfied – it’s a pleasure and an honor to play and own such an instrument.

Casper Noetzli