American Made

I am honored that you would consider a Chuck Lee Banjo. I work in a small 800 sf, temperature and humidity controlled, backyard workshop with part time help from my lovely wife Tamara, right here in Ovilla, Texas.

All of the tools, jigs, patterns and plans have been designed, built, repurposed or adapted by me for use in the banjo workshop. We purchase all of our materials as close to home as possible, like rough lumber often from local suppliers. Our rim blanks are steam bent for us from two suppliers in the US. I personally turn each rim to size and fit each one with its tone ring. We do each step of the building process from rough lumber, down to the sanding, finishing and rubbing out of the final finish by Tamara, who prays for each banjo and its owner.

A few parts are made in Canada. Ebony, Rosewood and other Exotic woods are all imports as are a few items like right angle 5th angle string tuners as these items are not available from Made-in-USA sources.