Our Journey

While still being a small “Mom and Pop” operation, the most intensive hours are invested by Chuck, who has a visionary perspective and willingness to study and labor into all hours of the night. He’s been blessed with a creative drive and unrelenting persistence. Wife Tammy makes it possible for him to be effective, giving a needed “foot on the ground” anchor. But her task is not limited to encourager and friend; she is quite involved in parts production and finishing, from beginning to end. People are surprised to learn that, most of the time, we like to work together!

Chuck has discovered over years of working with his hands, that there are two types of craftsmen, each with their own merit.  The first craftsman strives for the perfect project, and the beauty comes from a project that is well planned and finely executed.  The end result of this person’s labor is the “perfect” job completed.

The second type of craftsman is driven to create the perfect project just as the craftsman above.  But in this case the end result comes not from merely a project that is well planned and finely executed.  This second type of artisan desires to see (and hear in our case) the joy and pleasure that his effort brings.  Chuck is the second type.   His sense of success and motivation comes when he knows that his instruments bring joy and pleasure to the player and to those who listen to the music.

This has led Chuck to form relationships where ever possible, with many musicians of all levels, beginner to professional.  It has challenged him to continue to improve the product—(better product, more joy).  And, he has been motivated to offer the widest choices possible—more tone rings and peghead options, inlay and even tuner choices.  It has been said that no two Chuck Lee Banjos are exactly alike.  Each one receives special, individual, care and planning.  And each banjo is as unique as the musician who plays it.